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AirForce Air Pistols

AirForce air pistols are in a class all their own. Featuring single-shot bolt action, these precharged pneumatic air pistols are ideal for giving you that "real feel" and helping you maintain your firearm skills without spending hundreds of dollars going to a range and purchasing costly ammunition.

Many AirForce air pistols feature two-stage triggers that are adjustable for position only. Most have textured grips and adjustable power wheels that let you choose low or high. Naturally, you'll get more shots out of a low power setting than you will from a high power setting.

Some AirForce air pistols, such as the TalonP PCP Air Pistol with a Spin-Loc Tank, do not have open sights. Instead, you'll find an 11-millimeter dovetail. Pistols such as this one are not silenced, nor do they have baffles. You may have to purchase a scope or a dot sight to work in conjunction with your AirForce air pistol.

Airgun Warehouse is proud to carry these quality air pistols, and we gladly offer them at competitive prices. We believe that you should enjoy shooting sports without spending a small fortune, and we do our best to keep prices low.

AirForce Air Pistols
AirForce TalonP PCP Air Pistol, Spin-Loc Tank
Retail Price: $469.75
Our Price: $444.95
Caliber: 0.25
Velocity: 760 fps
Loudness: 5-High

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