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Air Pistols

Air Pistols

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At the end of WWII, the Allied Forces placed many sanctions  on Germany. One of these sanctions prohibited the manufacture and sale of rim  fire weapons. Due to this, the ingenious Germans developed what we now know as  the air pistol. Because this type of pistol uses air to propel a slug instead  of gunpowder, the Germans could manufacture the weapons while remaining  compliant with government sanctions.

After the development of the air driven pistol, gun clubs around Europe started hosting shoots that focused on the use of Air pistols. This ensured the development of the competition grade air guns that we enjoy today. Europe is not the only place where we can enjoy competition shooting. The United States has countless air pistol clubs that cater to those who enjoy shooting these highly sophisticated and highly accurate weapons.

Over recent years, military groups, local law enforcement and tactical enthusiasts have all taken a shine to the use of air pistols for routine practices and on-filed exercises. These weapons serve this purpose nicely because they usually have adjustable velocities, which make them safer to use than standard rim fire weapons and the cost to shoot is far less than traditional firearms. Using air pistols and air rifles during tactical maneuvers allows you an entire day of inexpensive fun. Air pistols make an excellent sidearm or back up weapon for anyone interested in the sport.

Air pistols are also an excellent choice for younger shooters that still need time handling pistols before they graduate to higher caliber rim fire weapons. Because of the slower velocity and smaller projectile sizes, these guns allow youngsters time to learn and to get comfortable firing a pistol, which greatly increases safety for everyone. In fact, many children who start learning with an air pistol maintain their love for these wonderful small caliber guns.

At Airgun Warehouse, we carry a huge selection of airgun pistols from every quality manufacturer on the market. If you enjoy authentic reproductions that mimic the look of their rim fire counterparts, you will enjoy selections from Walther, such as the CP99 Compact. Colt, Beretta and Smith & Wesson all make accurate reproduction weapons that closely resemble their classic rim fire weapons. If you are interested in a weapon with a look all its own; check out selections from Daisy, such as the Powerline 5170. The Drozd MP-661K Blackbird is an excellent example of an air pistol that shares its character with no other weapon. For the female shooters, we even offer classic designs in pink! Check out the Aftermath .45 caliber Lady Sport Tactical Pistol.

Regardless of what sidearm you plan to use, you can count on Airgun Warehouse when it comes to the best selection and the widest range of ammunition and accessories on the Internet.