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Air Rifles by Brand

Air Rifles by Brand

Rifles have been an important part of American and world history. Rifles helped to tame the West, win world wars and have helped people protect their land from intruders. People’ needs are vastly diverse and it seems for every diverse need, there is a rifle on the market that fits that need. From small bore rifles designed for target practice and small game hunting to large bore rifles designed for protection and big game hunting, every rile enthusiast has his favorite gun.

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Just as there are countless rim fire rifles in existence, the world of air-powered weaponry has just as many rifles for you to choose. We believe that in 1779, German inventor Bartholomäus Girandoni invented the very first air rifle, which he called the “Windbüchse”. This translates from German to “Wind Rifle.” Girandoni sold the Windbüchse to the Austrian army. They used this weapon from 1780 to around 1850. Interestingly this gun was not a lever action. It used a compressed air cylinder similar to Co2 cartridges of today, only much larger. The rifle was also a repeater, capable of holding up to 20 rounds of .46 caliber ammunition. The Windbüchse surpassed the practicality of flintlock muskets of its time sue to its ease of reloading.

It is interesting to see where the air-powered rifle has gone since its inception. We had to wait until 1938, almost 160 years, before the air rifle would steal the world’s hearts again. We have all heard of the Daisy Red Ryder, which is the worlds highest selling air powered rifle to date. Where the world’s first air rifle was a successful military weapon, Daisy designed the Red Ryder for children. Today, you can still order a Red Ryder BB gun from Airgun Warehouse and when you get it, you will instantly be taken back to your childhood. It is as perfect for your children as it was for you! Not only can you relive that nostalgic feeling of your childhood, you can find just about any type of air-powered rifle at Airgun Warehouse too.

Walther, Browning, Ruger, Winchester and Remington, all manufacturers of rim fire weapons, also manufacture clones of their most popular weapons in air gun form. These exact reproductions are fitted with the capability of propelling slugs with air instead of gunpowder. As rim fire bullets become harder to find and more expensive, these rifles will serve to help protect their owners in the future just as they did in the 1700s.

If your tastes extend beyond the traditional, you can browse selections available from manufacturers such as Sam Yang Large Bore Air Rifles, Hammerli Pellet Guns and IZH Baikal. All of these manufactures make rifles for the avant-garde collector that likes that extra-special touch to his weapons.

Don’t forget to stock up on CO2 cartridges and ammunition when purchasing your new rifle. At Airgun Warehouse you can expect the best prices, widest selection and best customer service on the Internet! We go out of our way to make sure every customer is satisfies with their new Air-powered gun!