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IZH Baikal

The name IZH Baikal may not be quite as well-known as names like Crosman and Daisy, but this brand is quickly becoming a favorite on the air gun competition circuit. Due to their incredible precision, they've become a favorite among those who compete in shooting competitions. And just because you may not be a professional marksman, doesn't mean that you should settle for anything less than IZH Baikal quality.

Everything from the barrel to the grips to the trigger on these IZH Baikal air pistols is specifically designed to improve your accuracy down to the smallest fraction of a millimeter. If you're interested in improving your target practice or competing at the local or national level, these IZH Baikal air pistols are must-haves for your collection.

Check out the incredible features on these IZH Baikal air pistols from Airgun Warehouse. With our competitive prices and affordable shipping rates, there's never been a better time to get an IZH Baikal.

IZH Baikal

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