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Evanix Precharged Pneumatic Air Pistols

Evanix precharged pneumatic air pistols are made for high-powered accuracy. These .22-caliber air pistols are loud, but they can shoot at a velocity of up to 1,000 feet per second. Evanix makes the highest power output air guns of any commercially built models, according to the company, and they can be used for target shooting or for hunting purposes.

These Evanix air pistols can meet the needs of the most airgun hunters. Because they are able to use any type of .22-caliber air gun ammunition without jamming, they are versatile weapons. Many Evanix precharged pneumatic air pistols can be shot single-action or double-action, although some should only be shot single-action according to the manufacturer's instructions. Whether you choose to use 11.9-grain RWS hobby pellets, 28-grain Eun Jin pellets or any other type of ammunition with your air pistol, you will join the ranks of many satisfied Evanix shooters. Airgun Warehouse carries these pistols because they are powerful and reliable, and we have been delivering quality air guns to happy customers since 2004.

Evanix Precharged Pneumatic Air Pistols
Hunting Master AR6 - 6 Shot, 1000 FPS!
Retail Price: $659.99
Our Price: $599.99
Caliber: 0.22"
Velocity: 1000 FPS
Loudness: 5-High

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