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Everything went smooth as silk. I got a great airgun at a great price, $40 less than anywhere else I could find the model I wanted. I went looking for ... read more


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Feinwerkbau Competition AIr Pistols

Feinwerkbau competition air pistols are renowned for their accuracy, and most feature bolt-action, single-shot design. While some models feature ambidextrous grips, others are designed for a specific hand; that makes them ideal for steady target shooting in competitive environments. Because you can adjust the triggers on ... Read More
Feinwerkbau Competition AIr Pistols
Alfa Competition PCP Pistol
MSRP: $850.00
Sale Price: $749.99
Caliber: 0.177"
Velocity: 500 fps
Loudness: 2-Low-Medium
Feinwerkbau P11 Piccolo Air Pistol
MSRP: $1,600.00
Sale Price: $1,399.95
Caliber: 0.177
Velocity: 492 fps
Loudness: 1-Low