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TSD Tactical Series Type 96 Sniper Green Rifle

TSD Tactical Series Type 96 Sniper Green Rifle
TSD Tactical Series Type 96 Sniper Green RifleTell a Friend
Caliber: 6mm
Manufactured By: TSD
Max Velocity: 470 fps
SKU: PY-1602
MSRP $199.95
Sale Price $159.95
You Save: $40.00 (20%)
Usually ships the next business day

The Type 96 Sniper Rifle combines firepower and comfort and delivers unbelievable performance. Thumb through stock provides comfort and stability. The bolt action rifle shoots exceptionally. Using the APS2 bolt system and barrel as the main platform, this Type 96 Sniper Rifle also sports high end performance parts for greater accuracy and power. Comes with rail system on top and excellent rifle scope (3-9x40 made of full metal) for precision targeting!

Hop Up: AdjustableEffective range: 190-210 feetLength: 48.4inches (1230.0 mm)Weight 8.6 lbs (3900g) with scope Magazine Capacity: 30Type: Bolt ActionOrange muzzle

Velocity: 460~480 fps with .20g BBs400~420 fps with 0.28g BBs Package: two 30rd magazines, manual, 3-9x40 scope, mount, barrel cleaning tool, sling, 200 .20g BBs, Type 96 Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor, Free 1000 round feeder bottle black-invisible BBs - Promotion The majority of this gun is metal. Only the stock is ABS, the rest of the gun (barrel, trigger, receiver, scope, scope mounts, bolt and bolt handle) are metal Attention.The screws for the installation of the action and barrel are contained inside the stock, flip the stock over so you are looking at the under side, where you will see two holes: one in the triggerguard and one just behind the magazine. The screws are located in these holes. Use the large Allen wrench (provided with gun) to attach the stock to action.

  • 6mm
  • Velocity: 470