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Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol

Benjamin Trail NP Air Pistol

Benjamin Trail NP Air PistolTell a Friend
Caliber: 0.177"
Manufactured By: Benjamin
Max Velocity: 625 fps
1-year limited warranty
SKU: PY-2723
MSRP $90.00
Sale Price $69.99
You Save: $20.01 (22%)
Usually ships the next business day

  • Benjamin Trail NP air pistol
  • Nitro Piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • Textured, ambidextrous grip
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Includes cocking aid

Here are the benefits of the Nitro Piston:

  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring

The Crosman Nitro Piston Technology has proven itself in rifles and now it's showing up in air pistols. This pistol will have you plinking and target shooting all day long. Shoot at spinners, pop paper targets and blast away at tin cans. You have hours of endless shootin' fun ahead of you. Nothing much needed for this gun...just add pellets and you're good to go!

Breakbarrel pistol with Nitro Piston powerplant

  • Caliber: 0.177
  • Velocity: 600 fps
  • Loudness: 3-Medium
  • Length: 16 in.
  • Weight: 3.43 lbs
  • Capacity: 1 round(s)
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
  • Buttpad: None
  • Suggested for: Plinking/Fun
  • Action: Break barrel
  • Powerplant: Gas piston
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Repeater: Single-shot
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