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Classic Army M249 MKII SAW RIS Airsoft AEG

Classic Army M249 MKII SAW RIS Airsoft AEG
Classic Army M249 MKII SAW RIS Airsoft AEGTell a Friend
Caliber: 6mm
Manufactured By: Classic Army
Max Velocity: 420 fps
30-day limited warranty
SKU: PY-3144
MSRP $499.99
Sale Price $449.99
You Save: $50.00 (10%)
Usually ships the next business day

  • New Hop-Up Chamber Design
  • 8mm Bearing Gear Box
  • Metal Feed Cover
  • Full-auto
  • Weaver/Picatinny RIS system
  • Full metal barrel
  • Carry handle
  • Integrated bipod
  • High-capacity magazine
  • Made in Hong Kong

Advance your squad on the battlefield with the Classic Army CA249 MKII RIS airsoft rifle. This gun is known for its stunning suppressive fire and has official FN Herstal trademarks on the receiver for added authenticity. Prop up the gun with the integrated bipod for a steady shot in the field. This gun is a mix of metal and ABS plastic components. The gun features a rail system for attaching rifle scopes, flashlights & red dot sights for added accuracy and enhanced target acquisition, a high-capacity 300 rd magazine and a shot velocity of 370-420 fps (using .20g BBs). The battery compartment is located in the stock of the gun. Simply use the provided Allen wrench and unscrew the back plate of the stock to access. This skirmish-ready rifle is a must have for experienced airsoft enthusiasts.

Classic Army M249 MKII RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle

  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Velocity: 420 fps
  • Loudness: 4-Medium-High
  • Weight: 13.75 lbs
  • Overall Length: 40.62"
  • Capacity: 300 round(s)
  • Barrel: Smooth bore
  • Front Sight: Post globe
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Scopeable: Weaver/Picatinny
  • Buttpad: Plastic
  • Suggested for: Skirmishing
  • Action: Full-auto
  • Powerplant: AEG
  • Safety: Manual
  • Repeater: Repeater
  • Hop-Up: Yes
  • Material: Full metal
  • Recommended Ammo: 0.2g+
  • Body: Machine gun