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Evanix Tactical Sniper Air Rifle

Evanix Tactical Sniper Air Rifle
Evanix Tactical Sniper Air RifleTell a Friend
Caliber: 0.35
Manufactured By: Evanix
Max Velocity: 800 fps
SKU: PY-3312-7103
MSRP $1,400.00
Sale Price $1,199.99
You Save: $200.01 (14%)
Usually ships the next business day

Evanix Tactical Sniper air rifle Precharged pneumatic (PCP) Sidelever 11rds/.22, 10rds/.25, 8rds/.30, 7rds/9mm*, 6rds/.45** 6rds/.50** Sidelever cocking Horizontally adjustable buttstock (41" to 46" overall length) 11.5" to 16.5" length of pull Ambidextrous stock Vertically adjustable cheekpiece Finger grooves and texture on pistol grip Flash hider (the .45- and .50-caliber guns have different flash hiders than the other calibers; see the detail shots) Built-in manometer (air pressure gauge) 2-stage adjustable trigger 6-lb. trigger-pull Manual safety Weaver optics rail (no open sights) Weaver accessory rail with removable foregrip 3000 psi fill 300cc air tank Includes a 1/8" BSPP probe with male threads and 2 magazines (.45 & .50 cal. come with only 1 mag) **.45- and 50-cal. mags accept ammo up to .600" long. Do not use .457" round balls in the .45-cal. magazine. Do not use ammo weighing more than 204 grains. Our 176-grain .45-caliber semi-wadcutter is not recommended. The .45-caliber air gun has a .453" bore diameter, and the barrel has 16 grooves with 1:15 right-hand twist. Do not use the Air Venturi bullet with the steel-tipped nose in your .50-caliber magazine. It does not fit.

Evanix Tactical Sniper Air Rifle, .357 Cal With Wider Magazine

  • Caliber: 0.357
  • Velocity: 800