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POWERLINE 617XTell a Friend
Caliber: 0.177"
Manufactured By: Daisy
Max Velocity: 485 fps
1-year limited warranty
SKU: PY-511
MSRP $89.95
Sale Price $59.99
You Save: $29.96 (33%)
Usually ships the next business day

Daisy's Powerline 617X is a very realistic-looking 6-shot pellet and BB pistol. (Never shoot BBs at metal objects!) Powered by CO2, the 617X launches BBs about 485 fps and pellets about 425 fps. The TruGlo fiber optic front sight helps you home in on your target. Spare rotary clips are available to load up ahead of time for virtually uninterrupted shooting. You may have to take turns shooting the gun, because everyone who sees it will want to shoot it, too.

The checkered, ambidextrous grip makes this a natural shooter for everyone. If you like realism, semiauto action, and the flexibility of shooting either pellets or BBs, then the Powerline 617X is your ticket to all-day shootin' fun!

Very realistic semiauto CO2 BB & pellet pistol. Great for plinking & targets.

  • Loudness: 3-Medium
  • Weight: 1.30 lbs
  • Overall Length: 7.21"
  • Capacity: 6 round(s)
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Scopeable: No
  • Buttpad: None
  • Suggested for: Plinking & target practice
  • Action: Semiautomatic
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • Safety: Manual
  • Repeater: Repeater
  • Body: Pistol