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Marksman 3040 Pack-A-Long Slingshot

Marksman 3040 Pack-A-Long Slingshot
Marksman 3040 Pack-A-Long SlingshotTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: Marksman
Max Velocity: 0 fps
SKU: PY-563
MSRP $13.99
Sale Price $8.99
You Save: $5.00 (36%)
Usually ships the next business day

A best seller! The hinged arm brace allows the advantage of wrist-supported shooting and convenient storage in a compact size. Molded handle and tempered-steel yoke. Folding wrist brace increases control & power.


Fold-up design for easy storage and carrying Molded finger grooved handle for added comfort
Tempered steel yoke and arm support
Arm support design for comfort and greater velocity
Highest quality tubular thrust bands
Shoots 1/4"and 3/8"steel ball or 1/2"glass shot

Wrist-braced slingshots cannot be shipped to addresses in New York State