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S410 TDR Classic

S410 TDR Classic
S410 TDR ClassicTell a Friend
Caliber: 0.22"
Manufactured By: Air Arms
Max Velocity: 581 fps
1 year limited warranty
SKU: PY-657
Retail: $1,450.00
Our Price: $1,249.99
You Save: $200.01 (14%)
Usually ships the next business day

Air Arms' Take Down Rifle is a great idea for airgunners who travel with their guns. Take this gun apart, stick it in the included fitted case and you're ready to go at a moment's notice. Just turn the wheel at the back of the rifle, and the gun comes apart in 3 pieces. Putting it all back together again at your destination is quick, easy and foolproof! The gun weighs less than 6 lbs., and the rifle with the carrying case is only 8.71 lbs.!

Like all quality rifles, the TDR has a 12-groove Lothar Walther barrel, a 2-stage adjustable trigger and walnut stock with an adjustable buttpad.

This gun isn't just for looks. It's a 10-shot repeater, with space in the rear stock to hold more clips that you can pre-load so you're always ready for more shots. (Gun comes with 1 clip; additional clips available) The air pressure gauge (manometer) always tells you how much air is left in the reservoir. If you want to add a bipod, there's a rail under the forearm just for that purpose.

In the U.K., where the TDR is built, you cannot own an air pistol that is over 6 ft-lbs. Since this has 12 ft-lbs of energy, Air Arms had to make the gun non-operable when the buttstock is removed. If they did not, the gun would exceed the legal limits in England.

There are no sights on this gun, so remember to buy a scope & rings!

The butt stock is removable. The gun can be broken down and can be carried in a back pack or shipped safely in a suitcase. Completely hidden from the view, in the cheek piece, are two magazine housing clips. Very convenient for extra quick loading. 524 fps with heavier pellets.

Click on the AMMO link for suggested pellets and the ACCESSORIES link for extra mags, scopes, rings, targets and more.

Ideal for hunters who want a compact gun that they can take almost anywhere!

  • Weight: 5.73 lbs
  • Barrel Length:14.17"
  • Capacity: 10 round(s)
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: None
  • Rear Sight: None
  • Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
  • Trigger adj.: Two-stage adjustable
  • Buttplate: Rubber
  • Suggested for: Small game hunting/plinking
  • Action: Bolt-action
  • Powerplant: Pre-charge pneumatic
  • Safety: Manual
  • Repeater: Yes/Multi-shot

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