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.177-.20 Dewey Loop

.177-.20 Dewey Loop
.177-.20 Dewey LoopTell a Friend
Caliber: .177 & .20
Manufactured By: Brownells
Max Velocity: N/A
3o Day Warranty
SKU: PY-A-1072
MSRP $5.95
Sale Price $3.50
You Save: $2.45 (41%)
Usually ships the nxt business day

Superb, permium quality Dewey .177-.20 caliber loop. Turned from brass with a 5-40 tpi male threaded end that fits the Dewey Rods that we carry. Looped end keeps patches in position for fast, effieient cleaning but patches are still easy to change. Use with caution. Over use can damage some bores. Do not use on brass bores.