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VisiChalk Ferris Wheel Target System

VisiChalk Ferris Wheel Target System
VisiChalk Ferris Wheel Target SystemTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: Champion
Max Velocity: N/A
SKU: PY-A-2226
MSRP $25.95
Sale Price $21.95
You Save: $4.00 (15%)
Usually ships the nxt business day

The Champion VisiChalk Target Wheel provides hours of shooting fun. This dynamic target holds 9 VisiChalk targets and rotates when you shoot it. Fun for shooters of all ages, the Target Wheel is a challenging way to hone your skills while enjoying the innovative VisiChalk targets.


Load up the spokes of the Target Wheel, find a comfortable rest and let the fun begin! Holds nine 3 VisiChalk targets for continuous shooting Rotates when shot to provide interactive fun and challenging shots Sturdy metal frame keeps pinwheel stable Comes with a pack of (18) VisiChalk Colored 3 targets Designed for easy storage and carry into the field Replacement VisiChalk Targets