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Chrony Ballistics II Software

Chrony Ballistics II Software
Chrony Ballistics II SoftwareTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: Shooting Chrony
Max Velocity: N/A
SKU: PY-A-2265
MSRP $80.34
Sale Price $66.95
You Save: $13.39 (17%)
Usually ships the next business day

Download velocities from your Beta, Beta Master, Gamma or Gamma Master onto your project (software works with these Chrony models only!). Written in Visual Basic 6. Software only. No cables included.


  • Select from hundreds of cartridges, bullet weights & types, velocities, ballistic coefficients & more.
  • List of powders as well as recipe files to compute ballistic coefficients for custom loads.
  • Provides space for all firearms you own, and then some.
  • Ammo comparison.
  • Post velocity data to automatically display the statistics, such as low, high & average velocities; extreme spread; and standard deviation.
  • Lots of graphs & tables to visually enhance your data.
  • Integral help program at all levels.
  • Advanced computation options.
  • Add new ammo data to the list of factory ammo.
  • Save results.


Works with Microsoft's 32-bit operating system (min. memory/hard drive space req'd):


  • Windows 95 (16mb/32mb)
  • Windows 98 (32mb/64mb) Windows 98 Second Edition (Intel 486 & later, incl. Intel Pentium & later) (32mb/64mb)
  • Windows ME (64mb/128mb)
  • Windows NT (64mb/128mb)
  • Windows 2000 (128mb/256mb)
  • Windows XP (128mb/256mb)
  • Windows Vista (512mb/512mb)