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BSA Laser Sight With MTS

BSA Laser Sight With MTS
BSA Laser Sight With MTSTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: BSA
Max Velocity: N/A
SKU: PY-A-288
MSRP $35.95
Sale Price $29.99
You Save: $5.96 (17%)
Usually ships the nxt business day

Projects a laser beam that looks like a small bright red dot right onto your target. The 650nm laser beam is very bright, and has the maximum legal power of 5mW. It comes with two different switches. One is located on top of the body and the other is a momentary pressure sensitive switch and wire that can be mounted on the gun wherever you want to put it. Comes with two sets of mounting rails (weaver base & dovetail).