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24" Barrel .22 cal

24" Barrel .22 cal
24" Barrel .22 calTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: AirForce
Max Velocity: N/A
One year limited warranty
SKU: PY-A-384
MSRP $213.95
Sale Price $203.95
You Save: $10.00 (5%)
Usually ships the nxt business day

The new 24-inch barrel from AirForce, maker of the Talon and Talon SS air rifles, has added a 24-inch Lothar Walther barrel to their line. The new barrel can be fitted to either rifle in about five minutes and immediately changes the nature of the rifle. It takes the .22-caliber Talon SS from 26 foot-pounds maximum to over 42 foot-pounds, depending on what pellet is used. The new barrel is a premium choked Lothar Walther airgun barrel that delivers extreme accuracy with quality pellets like JSB and H&N. By adding the new barrel to a standard SS, the shooter gains an entirely new air rifle suitable for hunting larger airgun game like woodchucks and raccoons at much longer ranges than most air rifles are capable of. Shooters can also dial the power adjuster back with the long barrel to conserve air and get many more shots at power levels slightly above those of the SS at high power. And they can switch back to the quiet operation of their short SS barrel in about five minutes. So don't buy a whole new rifle this season when you can get the same thing from AirForce for a fraction of price! Comes with an end-cap.