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EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Archer Kit

EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Archer Kit
EyePal Peep Sight, Pistol & Archer KitTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: EyePal
Max Velocity: N/A
SKU: PY-A-4499
MSRP $30.00
Sale Price $24.95
You Save: $5.05 (17%)
Usually ships the next business day

Glasses are not included. EyePal peep sight For pistol and bow shooters Focuses your eye Go from fuzzy to sharp vision Use with iron sights (not optical devices) Slips onto your reading glasses to make the sights sharp Also useful for shooters with 20/20 vision...focuses the eye and limits peripheral distractions Naturally clings to your adhesives! Includes a 2-sided reusable container with 2 EyePals for pistol or bow shooters How the EyePal works: Small EyePal aperture provides max depth of focus Small image travels undistorted thru the lens of reading glasses and your eye's pupil Peripheral vision is obscured by the large black area of the EyePal, creating a good contrast for good sight and target acquisition Directions for use: Remove EyePal from container Press EyePal onto clean lens of glasses Adjust EyePal to find the perfect location on your glasses See clearly instantly! Functions like a peep sight. Put the EyePal on the lens of your reading glasses and watch as the sights on your pistol or bow come into sharp focus. Beside seeing the target clearly, both sights will be sharp, too.