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Sig Sauer Knockdown Target

Sig Sauer Knockdown Target
Sig Sauer Knockdown TargetTell a Friend
Caliber: N/A
Manufactured By: SIG Sauer
Max Velocity: N/A
SKU: PY-A-5763
MSRP $39.99
Sale Price $34.99
You Save: $5.00 (13%)
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Sig Sauer knockdown target Outer center mass target with center knockdown target 2 inner rings determine 3 levels of expertise (.5" to 2") Bottom yellow paddle target resets target to upright position, 2.52" diameter Fasten base mount for any flat surface for safe and secure placement For use with break barrel, CO2 (12 gr/90 gr), or PCP airguns Heavy duty, metal targets and housing All weather durable powder coating Compatible with .177 & .22 pellets and low ricochet lead BBs (Lead Only) Easy to set up 12"x9"x9" Enjoy this silhouette-style target with its center of mass knockdown target and 2 additional target size reducers. The reducers offer 3 difficulty levels of shooting for a fun day of field target practice. Best of all, there are no strings needed to reset the target! This target is for use with .177- and .22-cal. air rifles firing lead pellets or low ricochet lead BBs only. Do not use steel BBs, steel-tipped pellets or alloy pellets.

  • Caliber:
  • Velocity: