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Air Guns - BB Guns & Pellet Guns


Ruger pellet guns are fun to shoot, they look great, and they're low-maintenance. Because they're so well built and economical, they are the first choice of many shooters who know what to look for in an air pistol. Most break-barrel Rugers feature spring-piston action and have anti-beartrap mechanisms built in. With automatic safeties and textured grips, as well as cocking-assist handles, these affordable air pistols are great for novices, experts and everyone in-between.

Known for their rifled steel barrels and impeccable design, Ruger pellet guns are reliable and accurate. They are outfitted with fixed fiber-optic front sights and adjustable fiber-optic rear sights, making them even more accurate when they're sighted-in for you.

Rugers are great for all-day shooting excursions. Most are 0.177-caliber, and they are available with velocities up to 600 feet per second; that's pretty impressive for an air pistol. Ruger issues a 90-day limited warranty on all of their air pistols, as well, which protects you against manufacturing defects.

Ruger Mark 1 Air Pistol
Retail Price: $90.00
Our Price: $67.95
Caliber: 0.177
Velocity: 600 fps
Loudness: 3-Medium

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