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Weihrauch Single-stroke pneumatic

Made in Germany, Weihrauch air rifles and air pistols are often distributed as Beeman weapons in the U.S. The company, in operation since 1899, has been manufacturing air guns since the 1950s. Many Weihrauch guns feature Rekord triggers, dry-fire mechanisms and ambidextrous grips. They are ideal for training and backyard shooting; most have velocities ranging between 350 feet per second and 650 feet per second.

Before Weihrauch air guns leave the factory, workers adjust their projectile velocity according to country-specific requirements. Designed for accuracy, many of these air guns feature dovetail rails for scope use and built-in TruGlo fiber optic sights. You will find models that feature spring piston systems, adjustable two-stage triggers and ambidextrous grips. Some Weihrauch air guns are designed specifically for scope shooting, while others are made for "shooting from the hip."

Airgun Warehouse has been providing customers with quality air guns and air rifles since 2004, and we look forward to meeting your needs as well.

Weihrauch Single-stroke pneumatic
Weihrauch HW 75 - Single-stroke pneumatic
Retail Price: $544.95
Our Price: $469.99
Loudness: 3-Medium
Weight: 2.34 lbs
Barrel Length:6.70"

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